Pasar Badung (Morning Market)


See Local People’s Life The large market、Pasar Badung, in Denpasar has everything for local people’s life in Bali. The p

Kumbasari Shopping Center

クンバサリ ショッピングセンター

Find Reasonable Souvenir Kumbasari Shopping Center for locals is located next to Pasar Badung. The prices are decided by

Pasar Kereneng (Night Market)


Huge Local Night Market Pasar Kereneng is a giant night market in Denpasar. It is bemo station during day time and in th

Ubud Market


In front of Ubud Palace Ubud Market as a society economics center of Ubud and it is opposite to Ubud Palace. The 2-store

Bedugul Market


Cool Climate Bedugul is the highland garden of Bali, producing lots of cool climate fruits and vegetables. In the market

Bird Market


Birds and Many Animals Pasar Burung, Bird Market, is located in Denpasar. This colorful and noisy market provides a wide

Sukawati Market


Good Access from Ubud It is located near Ubud, so you can easily visit there before or after sightseeing in Ubud. Sukawa