Surfing for Beginners + Esthe

surfing esthe

Catch the Wave in Bali Start surfing in Bali! You can choose either Dekom Bali Surf in Kuta or Serangan Surf School in S

Marine sports + Spa + Sightseeing Tour

bali marine sports + spa + sightseeing

Play in Ocean & Watch Kecak You can play various marine sports in the tropical island, Bali! In the tour, you can enjoy

Marine Sports + Spa + Sunset Dinner Cruises

bali marine sports + spa + sunset dinner cruise

Play & Entertain in Ocean You try 3 kinds of marine sports (Parasailing, Jet Ski and Banana Boat) and a 2 hours spa. In

Choice of Marine Sports + Rafting

bali marine sport choice + rafting

Active Day with Water Sports Your exciting day starts with marine sports that you can choose from the 11 kinds such as B

Choice of Marine Sports + Camel Safari

marine sport choice + camel riding

Popular Beach Menu In the morning, you can try 5 points of the marine sports such as Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Ski an

Sea Walker + Spa + Sightseeing Tour

sea walker + spa + sightseeing

Meet Tropical Fish and more Sea Walker is a popular marine activity to walk at the bottom of the ocean with a special ox

Sea Walker + Rafting

sea walker + rafting

Meet Tropical Fish & Rafting Enjoy at the mountain and ocean in a same day! Your exciting day starts with Sea Walker in

Sea Walker + Lunch + Spa

sea walker + lunch + spa

Meet Tropical Fish & Enjoy Resort Sea Walker is a popular marine activity to walk at the bottom of the ocean with a spec

Lembongan Island + Spa

lembongan island + spa

Beautiful Island Tour & Spa Lembongan Island has one of the clearest sea water in Indian Ocean. You can try a popular ac

Waterbom Park Tour

bali waterbom

Very Fun Water Park Waterbom is an exciting water amusement park located in the center of Kuta. It is popular especially

Treasure Hunt with Sea Walker


Enjoy with Turquoise Blue Ocean Try diving in Lembongan island where most beautiful island in the world. This tour inclu

Trekking in North + Water fall slider & Jump

北部トレッキング + 滝スライダー & ジャンプ

Nature activity in North of Bali! If you look for thrilling activity this is must be great! ALAM activity company provid