Elephant Safari + Rafting

elephant ride + rafting

Elephant Camp & Ayung River Rafting You can enjoy 2 popular activities in Bali, elephant ride and rafting. You visit Ele

Elephant Safari + Sightseeing

elephant safari + sightseeing

Elephant Camp & Sightseeing This is the tour recommended for who want to enjoy both elephant ride and sightseeing in Bal

Elephant Safari + Uluwatu Temple

elephant safari + uluwatu temple

Elephant Camp & Kecak Dance Your day start with elephant riding at Elephant Camp and you eat delicious lunch there. You

Elephant Safari + Rafting + Dinner Tour

elephant safari + rafting + dinner

Elephant Camp & Rafting and more Enjoy popular activities in Bali, elephant ride and rafting in a same day! After the ex

Elephant Safari + Rafting + Spa + Dance A

elepant safari + rafting + spa + dance A

Elephant Camp & Ubud Dance In the morning, you visit Ubud to try rafting at Ayung River and elephant ride. After a tasty

Elephant Safari + Rafting + Spa + Dance B

elephant safari + rafting + spa + dance b

Rafting & Elephant Safari and more Let’s join an exciting 8km rafting at Ayung River by Bali Adventure! You can enjoy a

Elephant Park + Balinese Dance Tour

elephant park + dance

Rafting & Elephant & Dance in Ubud You can spend active and enjoyable day! The tour includes popular activity in Elephan

Elephant Park Full Day Tour

elephant park full day tour

Famous Elephant Safari Park The tour starts with rafting at Ayung River and goes to Elephant Safari Park! It is very fam

Elephant(Elephant Camp)+Sightseeing


Tour include elephant ride & Sightseeing Elephant ride is one of the most popular activity in Bali! We are offering