Rafting + Diving for Beginners

rafting + diving experience

Rafting & Diving in One Day Enjoy activities at the river and ocean! In the morning, you try diving in Nusa Dua. Beginne

Elephant Safari + Rafting

elephant ride + rafting

Elephant Camp & Ayung River Rafting You can enjoy 2 popular activities in Bali, elephant ride and rafting. You visit Ele

Choice of Marine Sports + Rafting

bali marine sport choice + rafting

Active Day with Water Sports Your exciting day starts with marine sports that you can choose from the 11 kinds such as B

Sea Walker + Rafting

sea walker + rafting

Meet Tropical Fish & Rafting Enjoy at the mountain and ocean in a same day! Your exciting day starts with Sea Walker in

Waterbom Park Tour

bali waterbom

Very Fun Water Park Waterbom is an exciting water amusement park located in the center of Kuta. It is popular especially

Night Spot Tour

bali night tour

Dance at Hot Spots You must be interested in the hot spots in Bali! There are various night clubs and bars in Kuta and L