Go for a Walk under the Ocean It does not require any special training for this unique activity to go for a walk at the

Marine Walk


Go for a Walk under the Ocean You can meet a lot of tropical fishes in Lembongan Island. You just put a special helmet t

Ocean Walker


Go for a Walking under Ocean This is a similar activity of Sea Walker in Sanur and Marine Walk in Lembongan Island which

Water Walk


Under water adventure in Sanur Water walk is one of the popular marine sports because its easy to join. You can go under

Dive Walker


Feel the Big Nature in Padanbai Dive walker that wearing helmet and you can walk in under water is one of the popular ac

Kanaka Sea Walker


Easy to Join! Ocean Adventure Lets go to adventure in the ocean! Kanaka company located in Tanjung Benoa where popular m

Sea Walker Pckage 7in1 Apollo


7 kind marine sports in one day! We introduce our reasonable marine sport package that you can try 7 kind of marine spor

Sea Walker Package 7 in 1 Bali Dolphin


All in one marine sports plan! We introduce super reasonable marine sports package! Bali dolphin located in Nusa Dua/Tan