Donut Tube


Get Thrilled & Excited! The donut tube is a double-ride rubber boat activity being pulled by speed boat on the water. Th

Banana Boat


King of Marine Sports Everyone knows Banana Boat is the most popular activity in the ocean all the time! You can enjoy t



Sky Walk in Bali Enjoy a relaxing adventure in the sky! A speed boat pulls your parachute and makes you fly into the sky

Jet Ski


Drive Faster to Get Thrilled It is up to you to drive faster to get thrilled and excited or slower to enjoy the beautifu



Tropical Ocean World Snorkeling is recommended for all the ages to enjoy the ocean casually. Just with a mask and fins,

Fly Fish


Modern Version of Banana Boat The latest activity in Bali is Fly Fish which is a similar boat with Banana Boat. What the

Wake Board


Try Some Tricks on the Water It is like snowboarding on the water! You will hold a handle and be pulled by speed boat as

Water Ski


Try Your Limit It might seem easier, but is actually more difficult than you imagine! Try as best as you can to stand up

Glass Bottom Boat


Let’s See the Bottom of the Ocean You take a boat which has glass on the bottom that you can see through the ocean world

Private Glass Bottom Boat


Easy Marine Activity Lets go to see the beautiful underwater world while having fun Boys trip in Bali! The loc…

Turtle Island


Mini Zoo Island There are various ages of the turtles in a small island called Turtle Island. They raise turtles from eg

Private Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Island


Enjoy the Ocean Life Great plan for Boys Bali trip! Its easy and fun! You can see underwater world from Glass …

Jet Pack


Jumping to Sky! Jet pack is the newest marine sports in Bali which using water splash and you can jump so high. You will

Fly Board


Newest Marine Sports Fly board is most attractive marine sports and it is new. You can fly higher with special board tha

Parasailing Adventure


Romantic Sky Adventure Parasailing adventure can fly with 2 persons together. Usually parasailing held in day time but y