Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise

バリハイ ビーチクラブクルーズ

Resort Cruising This cruising tour to Lembongan Island takes you to a private beach club to enjoy sunbathing, swimming i

Bali Hai Aristocat

バリハイ アリストキャット

Cruising for Adult This is a cruising tour for adult since children under age 4 are not accepted to join. The gorgeous 6

Bali Hai Reef Cruise

バリハイ リーフクルーズ

Active Cruising Tour Go to Lembongan Island by Cruising and spend a time at a pontoon for a day. It includes marine spor

Bali Hai Castaway

バリハイ キャスタウェイ

Beautiful Crystal Ocean This cruising makes your dream to relax in a private beach come true. It leaves in the morning t

Bali Hai Ocean Rafting 3 Islands Cruise

バリハイ オーシャンラフティング 3島クルーズ

3 Island of Indonesia The fastest crusing in Bali! You visit 3 islands of Indonesia, Ceningan Island, Ceningan and Penid

Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise

バリハイ サンセット・ディナークルーズ

Various Entertainments If you want to feel a comfortable tropical breeze and enjoy the beautiful sunset at the same time

Bali Hai Evening Cruise

バリハイ イブニングクルーズ

Romantic Luxury Cruising It is an upper class version of Sunset Dinner Cruise. You get on Aristcat after enjoying Champa

Sail Sensation Daylight Cruise

セイルセンセーション デイライトクルーズ

Enjoy Resort Time Why don’t you visit a small island in Southern East of Bali, Lembongan Island to see beautiful nature

Sail Sensation Twilight Cruise

セイルセンセーション トワイライトクルーズ

Luxury Night Cruising Let’s get on board 87ft big cruiser, Sail Sensation. While 2 and half hours cruising time, you can

Quick Silver Day Cruise

クイックシルバー デイクルーズ

Cruising + Activity Another cruising tour to visit Nusa Penida Island is Quick Silver which make a comfortable cruising

Bounty Lembongan Island Day Cruise

ボウンティ レンボガン島デイクルーズ

The Largest Cruiser! The largest cruiser, Bounty can carry maximum 560 people! It goes faster than regular cruisers, so

Bounty Dinner Cruise

ボウンティ ディナークルーズ

Exciting Entertainment Show Another dinner cruising in Bali is this 2 hours and a half one to spend relaxing and excitin

Cruising with Charter Boat


Spend luxury time on the boat For the guest who look for luxury trip! Luxury charter boat plan, Cruising with Charter Bo

Trip to Lombok! Lets go to Gili


Untouched nature and clear water Lets go to another island from Bali! Do you know Gili 3 island that located right next