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River Adventure in Tropical Jungle If you ask people in Bali what river activity is popular in the island, they would al

SOBEK Rafting

sobek rafting

Great Quality & Service Sobek is probably the most famous activity company in Bali which has both Ayung River and Telaga

Bali Adventure Rafting

bali adventure rafting

Old-Established Rafting Provider This is the first company that started offering rafting in Bali. Their over 20 years’ e

Ayung River Rafting

ayung river rafting

Famous Activity Company Ayung River is one of the popular activity companies in Bali that also offer horse riding and el

Graha Adventure Rafting

graha adventure rafting

Reasonable Ayung River Rafting Graha Adventure offers the cheapest rafting at Ayung River. The facilities might not sati

Puri Experience Rafting

puri experience rafting

Super Reasonable Rafting Package We are offering rafting by Puri Experience with a package including cycling and traditi

Bali International Rafting

bali international rafting

The Longest Telaga Waja Rafting Course Their rafting course is 4km longer than other companies! Your adventure in the 16

Telagawaja Adventure Rafting

telagawaja adventure rafting

Most Reasonable Telaga Waja Rafting The cheapest rafting at Telaga Waja is by Telaga Waja Adventures. Please note that s

Bali Rafting

bali rafting

Beautiful Valley View! This company offers Telaga Waja rafting with the 2nd cheapest price in Bali! Even though some fac

Bintang Rafting


Reasonable Rafting in Bali! Bintang Rafting offer white water rafting at Teragawaja river where you can have thrilling e

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Adventure by Tubing Boat Rafting is not the only activity you can do in Bali! Tubing has been slowly getting popular. Si

Bali River Tubing

river tubing

Try Natural Water Silder! River tubing is an unique activity that goes down a river by a rubber boat which is smaller th

Canyon Tubing

canyon tubing

Off to the Great Nature! Tubing at Seap River in Payangan Village! You get on a tubing boat alone with our oars and goes


waterbom kuta

Thrilling Water Slider A water amusement park in Bali is near the airport and the center of Kuta. Popular water sliders

Reasonable Activity 2 in 1 ALAM


Special Activity Plan! Special Price offer by Only Hiro-Chan group! For active people! In this tour, you can enjoy cycli

Reasonable Activity 2 in 1 Bintang Rafting


Reasonable Nature Activity Special Price offer by Hiro-Chan group! In this tour, you can try cycling and rafting in same

Reasonable Sunrise Trekking + Rafting


Sunrise Trekking Package Tour If you want to enjoy sunrise trekking and rafting in one day, it is the good choice! Espec