Adventure by Tubing Boat

Rafting is not the only activity you can do in Bali! Tubing has been slowly getting popular. Since it goes slower than rafting, you can enjoy the views of the nature closer. Each tubing company offers different courses, so choose a suitable one for you!


List of Tubing Activities Company

Bali River Tubing

river tubing Try Natural Water Silder! River tubing is an unique activity[…]

Canyon Tubing

canyon tubing Off to the Great Nature! Tubing at Seap River in Payangan Vi[…]

Super Reasonable Activity 3in1

激安アクティビティ3in1 3 in 1 Activity! We introduce 3 in 1 package that you can en[…]

Super Reasonable ★ 3 in 1

This Super Reasonable Package has 3 activities in a day is for anyone […]