River Adventure in Tropical Jungle

If you ask people in Bali what river activity is popular in the island, they would all say “Rafting!” By feeling the great nature of the island, you will be going down real jungle by a rubber boat. There are several rafting companies, so compare each courses and menus they have to find a perfect one for you!


List of Rafting Activities Company

SOBEK Rafting

sobek rafting Great Quality & Service Sobek is probably the most famous ac[…]

Bali Adventure Rafting

bali adventure rafting Old-Established Rafting Provider This is the first company t[…]

Ayung River Rafting

ayung river rafting Famous Activity Company Ayung River is one of the popular ac[…]

Graha Adventure Rafting

graha adventure rafting Reasonable Ayung River Rafting Graha Adventure offers the ch[…]

Puri Experience Rafting

puri experience rafting Super Reasonable Rafting Package We are offering rafting by […]

Bali International Rafting

bali international rafting The Longest Telaga Waja Rafting Course Their rafting course […]

Telagawaja Adventure Rafting

telagawaja adventure rafting Most Reasonable Telaga Waja Rafting The cheapest rafting at […]

Bali Rafting

bali rafting Beautiful Valley View! This company offers Telaga Waja rafti[…]

Bintang Rafting

ビンタン・ラフティング Reasonable Rafting in Bali! Bintang Rafting offer white wate[…]