Elephant Safari Park

Elephant Safari Park

Many Things You Can do! Elephant Safari Park by Bali Adventure is in Taro village, North Ubud. It is one of the famous e

Elephant|Top Page

elephant park tour

Go on an Elephant Ride! Bali has total 3 elephant parks. The 2 of them are located in Ubud which is famous as a great na

Elephant Camp

ayung river elephant camp

Elephant Park in the Forest Elephant Park by Ayung River in Canangsari village which is famous for rafting has 18 elepha

Elephant Village

bali elephant village

Countryside Park Elephant Village by Bakas is near Goa Lawah and Candidasa, East Bali. It has full of nature such as ric

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bali horse riding

Horse Riding Experience in Bali Horse riding is recommended as a unique activity in Bali. You will go to the beach by ho

Horse Riding in the Eastern Saba Beach

ayung river horse riding

Horse Riding Debut! Saba Beach in North Sanur is a great spot for relaxation! You can see Nusa Penida Island if the weat

Sunset Horse Riding in the Nyani Beach

Bali Natureland Horse Riding

Beach Sunset + Horse Riding The sunset horse riding by Bali Nature Land in Jatiluwih starts from Nyani village. Each ins

Bali Camel Safari

bali camel safari

Camel Riding in Bali Camel riding is getting popular as a unique activity in Bali. Visiting the beach by camel will make

Bali Safari & Marine Park

bali safari & marine park

Safari Adventure It has full of excitement! The No.1 activity in the park is Safari Adventure Tour by Zebra bus to go to

Bali Safari & Marne Park Adventure Bali Trail

バリサファリ & マリンパーク探検 バリトレイル

Fun safari adventure with 4X4 Bali safari & Marine park is the most popular safari park around the world. Bali trail is

Bali Zoo

bali zoo

Experiential Zoo The zoo has a peaceful countryside atmosphere, so once you step in there, you will feel your mind and b

Bali Bird Park

bali bird park

Tropical Bird Park The park is located in a village on the way to Ubud and has over 250 birds from all over the world es

Komodo National Park

komodo island

Meet Komodo Dragon! Let’s go to a World Heritage Island to meet the largest lizard in the world, Komodo dragon. It takes

Bali West National Park

bali west national prk

Wild National Park The national park is the one-tenth of Bali Island and one of the 10 national parks in Indonesia. Ther